Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Warm Zucchini and Egg "Salad"

This one isn't a salad in the traditional sense, but given its ingredients are salad classics in other forms (grated zucchini, hard boiled eggs) and it was a tasty dinner, I figured I'd stretch the definition a bit.

I sliced a zucchini into very thin half-moons and sautéed them over medium-low heat until they got a bit translucent, put them on a plate, and sprinkled them with salt and pepper. Then I fried an egg in the same pan, put it on top of the eggs, cut it up, and mixed the whole thing together. Viola! A warm zucchini and egg "salad" with an extremely decadent runny egg yolk dressing. (I also added a bit of truffle salt at the end--yummm.)

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