Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Salad A Day Challenge

The farmer's market is open! Tender salad greens, crisp snap peas, baby radishes, garlic shoots, slender asparagus, raspberries, tiny little strawberries. Can't get enough! So I decided to challenge myself to make a different salad every day this summer. I want to try some things I haven't eaten before (black tomatoes?) and give another chance to those things that have never aroused my enthusiasm (sorry, okra).

So I started collecting recipes that appeal and enlisted my two daughters, both of whom are truly creative cooks. By the end of the summer, this blog should have quite a collection of salad recipes, and then I'll be looking for ways to come up with interesting salads through the long cold winter. Please join us!

Need a place to start? Check these out:

Mark Bittman's easy, delicious, healthful salads -- click here.

Whole Foods Market's wonderful recipe collection -- click here.

You can also try a google recipes search for a salad using your favorite ingredients, but remember that just because something is called a salad, it's not necessarily brimming with nutrition. Be sure to keep the mayo, cheese, and bacon to a minimum, and use a light hand with the dressing!

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