Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Salad with Muhammara Dressing

Green salads are a Saturday staple. My husband doesn't like the way greens hold up when he packs them for lunch, so it's tossed salads on the weekend. And tossed is an apt word, because whatever is in the fridge can end up tossed into the bowl with the greens -- veggies, fruits, pasta, leftover anything.

Today our salad was inspired by an early morning trip to the farmer's market. Look at this lovely kohlrabi!
I've never seen the bulbs with greens attached in the grocery store, but the the farmers were selling them still sporting their lovely curls. I'll have the leaves in an omelet for lunch later this week, but I peeled and grated the bulb for the salad. Kohlrabi is crisp and peppery, and when it's in a salad, you know it's there. That got me to wondering what kind of dressing would be up to the job. Something mustardy would work, but I'm not a big mustard fan. Luckily we had some muhammara -- thinned with water, it makes a terrific salad dressing.

What is muhammara? It's a middle eastern condiment served with rice and lentil dishes, and we also spread it on sandwiches or put a dollop on cooked veggies or roasted potatoes. It's soooo good! You probably don't have any on hand, so make some and use it with everything, including your salads.

Saturday Salad with Muhammara Dressing

Salad ingredients
mixed salad greens
shredded kohlrabi
shredded carrots
leftover Buttery Beet Salad (from two days ago)
chopped sugar snap peas
a few mixed nuts

Muhammara (roasted red pepper sauce)
I use the recipe at Epicurious -- find it here. To make a salad dressing, put a spoonful of muhammara in a cup and whisk in a little water until you get a good drizzling consistency.

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